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    Innovative Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of Zhejiang University (Yuhang) was formally established in 2019. It was jointly established by Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Yuhang Economic-technological Development Area. It is an international biomedical innovation and transformation agency with the goal of Innovation-Driven, Local-Service, Achievement-Transformation, Market-Oriented.

    Relying on the academic advantages of the school of Basic Medical College of Zhejiang University and the advantages of the pharmaceutical industry in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic-technological Development Area, the institute selects and incubates global innovative biomedical transformation projects, accelerating the transformation of original academic achievements.

    At the same time, the Institute has created several market-orirnted Medicine Incubation platforms, already including the Drug Screening Platform covering important targets such as ion channels, GPCRs and enzymes, as well as the Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Platform with an international AAALAC accredited comprehensive animal experiment. These platform provides the world's first-class early-stage biomedical incubation technical services to the world.

    Address: No. 502 Linping Avenue, Yuhang Economic-technological Development Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province