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Source :基础医学创新研究院    Release Time :2020-03-13    Browse Times :50

The Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Platform of Innovative Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of Zhejiang University (Yuhang) is one of the Innovative Medicine Incubation Platform jointly established by Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Yuhang Economic-technological Development Area. The platform operates in a market-oriented mode in response to the current pain point of the industry, which lacks a standardized translational medicine platform, especially a new drug efficacy evaluation. It plans to establish a comprehensive, one-stop domestic high-quality animal model, efficacy, pharmacology, and early drug safety evaluation professional transformation medicine platform. It’s an International AAALAC accredited comprehensive animal experiment platformproviding professional technical guidancewith large and small animal models, mainly for new drug discovery, pharmacokinetics, efficacy evaluation, early drug safety evaluation.